Venezuela: Guaido’s parliamentary immunity removed

The Venezuelan Constituent Assembly on Tuesday stripped National Assembly President Juan Guaido’s parliamentary immunity, approving the continuation of judicial proceedings against him.”The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela allows the continuation of a judicial investigation against Juan Guaido,” the adopted document said, according to Sputnik.This comes after Venezuela’s Chief Justice Maikel Moreno put in a request to strip the US-backed, self-proclaimed President of his parliamentary immunity, alleging that he had violated a travel ban by visiting Colombia in February.

The deputies, during the meeting, also called for the creation of people’s courts for trial of those who “follow the instructions of the US,” reports Sputnik. Furthermore, they labelled Guaido’s actions as a “crime against humanity”.Guaido proclaimed himself as the President on January 23 and was immediately supported by the United States, which recognises him as the official interim President of the Latin American nation. Venezuela has since seen a political divide between supporters of Guaido and embattled President Nicolas Maduro, who was elected to power following elections.

Countries like Japan, Germany, France and UK have also voiced their support for Guaido, while Russia, China and Turkey (amongst others) have supported Maduro, slamming international interference in the Latin American nation.Maduro has refused to step down from his post, with the military largely remaining loyal to Maduro despite calls by USA to side with Guaido.However, Venezuela continues to be plagued by a humanitarian crisis, with hyperinflation, blackouts, water and medicine shortage, and sanctions by the US further crippling the situation.

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