Locals complain of varying ambulance charge

Khalang- Locals have complained of high fare being charged by ambulance at Patarasi rural municipality of Jumla.The rural municipality-operated ambulance has imposed varying rates for the same distance, locals said.Deejraj Reule, a local, said the ambulance has not charged uniformed fare to patients in the distance of five kilometers from rural municipality-4, Luma to the teaching hospital of Karnali Institute of Health Sciences Jumla.

“I had asked my villager Shukra Bahadur Rawat – how much he paid for ambulance service? He told it was Rs 1,500 whereas I had to buy the same service at Rs 2000”.

Reula said it was injustice to charge people differently for the same service. Local people also have urged the rural municipality to maintain standards fare system. However, Laxmin Bohora, chair of the rural municipality, said the ambulance fare was determined based on the distance. He pledged to take action if anything wrong was found in fare causing injustice to people.

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