Nepali Actresses Who Were Raised in UK

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 27th March: Of lately, a lot of youngsters have started showing interest in Nepali film industry and has been making their debut. Amongst them include those living not just in Nepal but also outside the country. This video talks about those actresses who were raised in London but has now decided to come back to the country to pursue their career in films.

Jassita Gurung who was staying in London made her debut in ‘Lilly Billy’ and will be next seen in ‘Love Station’ alongside Pradeep Khadka. Another such actress is Shilpa Maskey. Maskey has even appeared in Hollywood film ‘Doctor Strange’. She has acted in two of the Nepali films ‘The Break-up’ and ‘Kagazpatra’. Miruna Magar who made her debut with ‘Rose’ will be next seen in ‘Saino’. Sara Sirpali who was also staying in UK with her family made her with Nikhil Uprety’s ‘Rudra’.

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