SanoMa Sanu by Samir Acharya & Araaj Keshav Ft. Rahul Shah

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 10th March: Dance groups are really getting their due credit in Nepal and are the top choices for the makers for featuring them in their videos. Watch this new song titled ‘Sanu Ma Sanu’ by Samir Acharya featuring Rahul Shah and Vibe & Wave Team. The team of dancers include Kritika, Amar, Sunil, Sujan, Aaryan, Nisha, Asmit, Aarogya, Bikkee, Harry, Prashant, Akshya, Sadikshya, Sunita, Melina, Upashana, Rejina, Bhawana, Roshni, Salina, Rabina and Sabina

Rapper Araaj Keshav has sung the song alongside Acharya. Acharya himself is the composer of lyrics and music of the song which has been arranged by Mohit Munal. Directed by Rahul Shah, the vide has been produced by Manoj Basnet.

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