Former Gurkha Reject The Pension Scheme By UK government

OSNEPALNEWS, Kathmandu, 10th March: Gurkhas, soldiers of Nepali origin, have been serving in the British Army since 1815 where they fought in seveal wars including First and Second World Wars. 13 Victoria Crosses were awarded to Gurkhas to honour their bravery. According to the Tripartite Agreement signed between the UK, India and Nepal in 1947, Gurkhas are an integral part of the British Army, so they should receive bravery awards, pay and benefits equal to their British counterparts.

Recently, the British government announced it would increase the pension scheme for the Brigade of Gurkhas who joined the service before 2007 by up to 34 percent. But Gurkha veterans rejected the offer, saying the offer is not acceptable to them, and it is not in line with the findings of the technical report submitted to both governments last year.

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