Daughter insurance programme to be launched in province-2

Birgunj, Feb 21 : The ‘Daughter Insurance Programme’ is to be launched at the local Tri-Juddha Secondary School. Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, Chief District Officer of Parsa, shared that the insurance programme is to be in place as part of ‘Save Daughters, Educate Daughters’ campaign put forth by the Province-2 government.

It may be noted that the province government had allocated around Rs 890 million for the campaign in the fiscal year 2018/19. Under the campaign, the province-2 government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Prabhu Bank for the daughter insurance programme.

The first phase of the campaign includes cycle distribution, construction of girl-friendly toilets in community schools and awareness raising activities. The target is to distribute 4,000 girl students of all eight districts of the province-2. The campaign is taken as an important measure to avert several anomalies pervasive in the province-2 such as discrimination between sons and daughters, dowry system and female infanticide. (RSS)

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