Sports ground under construction in Sudurpaschim province

Attaria, Feb 19 : Constructions and renovations of sports ground are taking place in all nine districts of Sudurpaschim Province. The construction of sports ground is taking place in different 32 places of the Sudurpaschim province. In this connection, provincial Ministry of Social Development shared that it has allocated Rs 64 million in the current fiscal year for the construction of sports ground.

The budget appropriation was made so as to construct sports ground in all 32 province assembly constituency at the unit rate of Rs 2 million. Kisan Raj Chituwal, Under Secretary, Youth and Sports Division at Ministry of Social Development, said the task of the construction of ground would be completed by coming mid-July. The spots fort he construction of grounds were selected based on the recommendation of elected province assembly member of the Sudurpaschim province. (RSS)

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