Pursuit of economic agenda is mainstay of today’s diplomacy: Minister Gyawali

Kathmandu, Feb. 19 : Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said that building on the hard earned political stability, Nepal at present strives to achieve economic development and prosperity.

He said the present Government is committed to bring economic transformation of the country and improve quality of life of the people adding that Nepal has mobilized diplomatic apparatus to pursue these objectives by promoting foreign direct investment, tourism, technology transfer, and export trade.

“We are equally striving for consolidating inclusive democracy and ensuring good governance, Minister Gyawali said at the 71st anniversary programme of Nepal Council of World Affairs today.
“Our unflinching commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms will be stronger with political and economic empowerment of the people, he added.

“The Constitution of Nepal has clearly defined the areas of national interest and provided broad policy framework for the conduct of independent foreign policy. Principles of Panchasheel, non-alignment, UN Charter, international law and norms of world peace have remained guiding principles for our foreign relations,” according to a press statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He stated that our foreign policy aims at safeguarding sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and protection of national interest adding that within this framework, promoting Nepal’s credentials as an open and progressive democratic State at the international level; and pursuit of effective economic diplomacy to the service of overarching objective of “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali” remain twin goals of our external engagements.

On the occasion, Minister Gyawali said that Nepal enjoys cordial and friendly relations with our neighbors and we have further strengthened trust, goodwill and expanded the scope of cooperation and economic partnership with our two immediate neighbors.

According to Minister Gyawali, the mainstay of today’s diplomacy was the pursuit of economic agenda adding that “we will strive to promote our vital economic interests through activities aimed at attracting more foreign investment in our national priority sectors, expanding our export trade and promoting tourism, among others.”(RSS)

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