A farmer earns Rs 1 million from rose farming

Bharatpur, Feb 14 : With the celebration of ‘Valentine Day’ gaining popularity in Nepal, the demand of ‘Red Rose’ on the occasion has also gone up. However, Nepal itself has very small scale of production of the rose mostly used on Valentine Day.

There are handful farmers in Nepal who have been cultivating rose in a commercial manner. There is vast gap between the demand of rise in market and production scale. Nevertheless, a youth farmer in Chitwan has sold out rose of Rs 1 million in less than three months. Prakash Pant, a local of Bharatpur Metropolis-18, Gunjanagar made a lucrative income from the sale of rose in view of Valentine Day.

He told his rose business gave a net profit of Rs 300,000 by slashing all expenses incurred during the farming. “Daily 1000 to 1200 stick rose is being produced in my farm”, Pant said, adding that the plant cultivated in the month of April/May yields production from November.

There is a demand of 20,000 stick rose in Chitwan on the occasion of Valentine Day, said Pant, who is also the chair of Floriculture Association Nepal Chitwan Chapter. He has been supplying rose to major cities of Nepal, including Chitwan, Pokhara and Kathmandu. (RSS)

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